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Foundry Worker - Night Shift

Location: Crewkerne, Somerset, England
Type: Permanent
Salary: GBP11 - 12 per Hour
Benefits: None
Job Ref: JT18092020
Posted: 18/09/2020Apply Now

Job Description

Foundry Worker – Night Shift  

Sun – Tue 22:00 – 06:30

Wed – Thu 22:00 – 06:00

£10.90 ph to £11.50 Temp to Perm 

We want to recruit a physically fit person to work on night shift based in Crewkerne. It is to work in a foundry, so you have to have a high level of health and safety awareness.

There are multiple furnaces that melt down the metal that the company uses to make the various items that they manufacture. The person would be expected to set these furnaces up, load them with metal, and then monitor the temperature of each furnace, to ensure the molten (melted) metal is at the perfect temperature for pouring into the moulds that they use to make the differing shaped items.

The power to generate the heat can only be used on 1 furnace at a time, so the art of the job is to switch the power between the furnaces at the right time, to ensure that all furnaces get to the optimum temperature - you will often have to use multiple furnaces at the same time to melt enough metal to pour into the larger mouldings. You need to be comfortable using hand tools and hammers to help refurbish the ladels and the furnaces.

You need to be fit, and physically capable of doing the job - you need to be on your toes all the time and able to monitor and manage several processes at the same time. You need to have really positive body language and be agile in your physicality

The health and safety that surrounds this job is the most crucial part of it. You have to respect the metal and the temperature it reaches. Full PPE is provided. High leg boots are also provided, as is a helmet with face-guard. We cannot accept any applications from anyone who has any metal in their body (pins or screws from accidents etc), or anyone who has epilepsy or any history of fainting or black-outs.

If you like the sound of a demanding job like this, then in return there is a true career path with achievable measurable goals along the way to becoming a fully fledged furnace worker.

For more information about the position of Foundry Worker  then please contact James at Smart Recruitment Solutions on 01935 310 020.

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