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So much has been written about the do's and don'ts of preparing and attending interviews. However, really, it's best to keep things simple!

If you are attending an interview, through one of our Divisions, then part and parcel of the service is to help you get ready for the important date.  However, for those of you just seeking on!

There is a saying... "If you don't plan, you plan to fail".  So, you need to prepare for your interview and know, roughly, what will be expected of you.


Read up about the Company.  Know what their business is, where they have locations, when they were established, how many people they employ and, of course, ensure that you know whereabouts your interview will take place and how you are going to get there!  The more you know about the Company then the more it shows that you have prepared.


Read the job spec fully, prior to your interview.  Know the job that you are applying for.  The interviewer will want to know of any similar experience you have, or will require you to answer questions to show evidence of certain skills and competencies.  Therefore, it's important for you to read each responsibility and think of your current or previous roles, and have answers ready to show your suitability.

Apart from experience, look at the qualities that the job requests.  Think about how you can display flexibility,  confidence, a calm manner, be able to work to tight deadlines etc. 

Again, the more you look at your personal skills and qualities, then the more confidence it will bring to your interview... Know your strengths!


Tuxedo and ball gowns are not a prerequisite.  However, dress in office attire.  Men - shirt, tie, suit and polished shoes! Ensure that your suit is pressed, and that your shirt is a crease free zone.

Ladies - we know how lucky we are... dresses, skirts, suits, formal trousers etc.  All are allowed.  However, ensure that the clothes you wear are business orientated.  Keep jewellery simple and make up to suit.  Again, ensure that you are crease free, and confident with the way you look.


Interviews can be nerve wracking.  Therefore, researching the Company, planning your responses to questions and knowing exactly what you are wearing.. you are part way there.  Just think about your commitment, and how hard you have worked for your current/most recent role.  Know the skills and experience that you are bringing to the table.  What a confidence Booster!  If you are a little nervous then there is no harm in telling the interviewer.  The interviewer will work at putting you at your ease and, some nerves shows you are keen!


In all the years I have worked in recruitment, I am still shocked at the lack of preparation when I have interviewed candidates for positions within our branches.  Lack of knowledge of the Company, no pre prepared questions, no notebook and pen.  You are attending an interview where you are going to spend the best part of every day.  You NEED to know that the Company, the team and the role is right for you.  A very easy little tip... plan 3 questions about each of the above!  3 Questions about the Company, 3 Questions about the team and 3 Questions about the day to day role.  Read between the lines from your research i.e. "I see that the Company employs 300 staff,  are there any current plans for expansion?." " I understand that the company is a market leader in document management and your latest product has been the XXX.  How often do you release new products?"  Here you are showing what you have learnt and then popping a question in too.. it shows your interest. Questions should be hand written or typed up.  Even if the interview answers EVERY question on the shows you have prepared.

I hope that you find the above tips useful.  If you have any hints and tips that you would like to share then please email me.  Leigh Walker -

Good Luck!

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