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Candidate Success Stories

Gary is someone who has worked in the catering and restaurant business for many years, but has made a conscious decision to change his career path.

For the past few years Gary has re-trained, at great personal expense in order to become an Electrician - he is still studying and looking for practical experience.

Gary applied for a permanent position as a Trainee Electrician, and visited our offices to discuss his objectives:

  • Varied and interesting work
  • Pratical experience to put his learning to use
  • The opportunity to carve out his new career

The outcome:

Due to his location, the position originally applied for wasn't suitable because of call-outs - instead of being cast aside, Smart Recruitment set to work finding him other opportunities with local companies, that might be able to see his potential.

With Gary's commitment to flexibility, and the contact made by Smart with a local Electrical Enigineering company, Gary started working for a growing family owned company as an Electrician's Mate - whilst this is temporary at the moment, it is another pratical workplace for Gary, and with the local company he works for going from strength to strength, we all hope there may be something longer term in the pipeline for him.

Yeovil Branch

Having worked in Portugal for the past few years, Jeni recently relocated to Poole and was looking for a role to use her key skills. Initially she found a role in a local cafe but was seeking the opportunity to use her Economics and Business Degree and her fluency in Russian and Portuguese.

On meeting with Jeni we were impressed by her energy and enthusiasm and her drive to find the ideal role in the local area.

Smart Recruitment introduced her to a local company in Bournemouth who seeks "raw talent" and native level Language skills. As a company they are able to offer extensive training and will nuture the candidate to be highly successful.


After attending the recruitment presentation and being tested for her communication skills in Russian and Portuguese she was offered the role. Jeni is delighted as she is now part of a world class training programme in Sales and Marketing and is looking forward to a successful career.

Poole Branch

Tina had worked in the hospitality and retail sectors during her working life. She had been a cleaner, chamber maid, shop assistant, catering assistant as well as bringing up her children.

She had not worked for a year looking after her mother and wanted to dip her toe back into part time work. She was expecting to be offered more of a same type of work but after having looked at her range of skills we felt she would be perfect for a part-time lab assistant position for a local food manufacturer to help support the technicians in food testing.

At first, she was not sure whether she would be able to cope with this type of work as it involved mixing chemicals, sterilisation, steaming and record maintenance.

She has recently contacted us to say how much she is enjoying the job, she has learnt so much and it has been so much more interesting and rewarding than she expected.

Poole Branch